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Join the Many helps those who have been harmed by the products of negligent corporations to fight back by educating them about their rights, guiding them through the legal system, and matching them with the best legal care.

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Learn how the legal system is built to support people harmed, not the big corporations.


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About Join the Many

Join the Many helps victims deeply harmed by the products of negligent corporations. Being injured or getting sick after using a product you were led to believe was safe is overwhelming. Being asked to navigate the confusing legal system as a result–that can feel impossible. You’re not alone. Join the Many is here to help, making it easy to Learn, Act and Benefit.

The legal process often feels cold and complex. But when you Join the Many, we can level the playing field for you. We do the heavy lifting by connecting you with the best legal team who will take your case to court for you, tackle the mountains of paperwork so you don’t have to, and fight on your behalf.

Join the Many believes the justice system is meant to work for people like you and their families, not big businesses trying to evade accountability for their negligence. If you’re ready to take the confusion and feelings of powerlessness out of your legal fight, Join the Many.

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Who We Work With

Join the Many works with the Legal Advocacy Bureau to match you with legal care. The Legal Advocacy Bureau is comprised of the top law firms in the country specializing in corporate malfeasance. Collectively, they have secured billions in settlements for their clients.

When leaders of this group saw data showing that millions of Americans were left out of landmark decisions in corporate negligence cases, they came together to bring every family entitled to justice to the settlement table. The Legal Advocacy Bureau only vets law firms with the same level of dedication and passion for doing what’s right on behalf of their clients, ensuring victims receive the highest settlement amounts possible.

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