Environmental Dangers

If you or a loved one have been diagnosed with cancer or other disease, or suffered injury as a result of exposure to an environmental hazard, you may be able to take legal action and sue for damages and other related expenses.

What are Environmental Dangers?

Exposure to toxic substances in the environment that are known or suspected to cause harm can cause serious injury, disability, or even death. It’s important that people who have been exposed to hazardous environmental conditions–like asbestos or contaminated water–understand they are well within their legal rights to file a lawsuit against those responsible for the exposure. Sometimes, that can be a product manufacturer or an employer. Other times, victims find themselves facing off against government entities in their pursuit for justice.

Numerous laws and regulations are in place to protect the air, water, and wildlife around us. Unfortunately, corporations and government entities can, intentionally or not, violate these laws and cause harm to the environment and the people in it. Typically, environmental danger lawsuits involve situations that make the environment dangerous, unhealthy or unsafe, including:

  • Air pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Toxic waste dumping
  • Marine and ocean discharges
  • Heavy metal contamination
  • Asbestos
  • Chemical spills
  • Oil spills
  • Solid waste dumping

People can file lawsuits against companies or governments if they experienced harm or injury after being exposed to toxic hazards at work, at home, outdoors, or anywhere else.

Because the possibilities are so broad, laws and legal proceedings surrounding environmental and toxic exposure claims are very complex. If you’ve been harmed, the best place to start is a free case review with Join the Many. In just a few minutes, we can help determine if you may have a case that qualifies for compensation, gather medical records, and match you with a qualified attorney to handle every aspect of your claim.

What is Toxic Exposure?

Water Pollution

Often, environmental hazard lawsuits center around toxic exposure. In these cases, victims became sick or injured after inhaling a harmful substance or having it come into contact with their skin. Here are some common types of toxic exposure:

Asbestos: Asbestos is a natural mineral found in soil and rocks, but was commonly used in construction materials up until the 1970. It’s still found in some products today, despite being linked to an increased risk of mesothelioma and lung cancer.

Lead poisoning: Lead is a natural metal, but it is highly toxic to humans and even minimal exposure can lead to severe health issues. This is especially true if a person is repeatedly exposed to lead. Cumulative exposure can impact multiple organs.  Lead was used in paint through the 1970s and is still permitted in small amounts in some products today.

Oil spills: Oil spills are extremely harmful to the environment and wildlife, but they can also create toxic fumes that harm people when inhaled. Breathing in oil spill fumes can cause cancer and other illnesses. 

Chemicals: Chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, and chemicals used in food production can be toxic when inhaled or make contact with skin. They’re commonly found in commercial grade products, but even household products can pose a risk. 

Carbon monoxide poisoning: Leaks from water heaters, furnaces, and gas stoves are common culprits of carbon monoxide poisoning in the home. Spray paint and paint removers can also cause poisoning.

Water pollution: Water can become contaminated from numerous sources, including pesticides or other chemicals from agricultural soil run-offs, discharges of mercury, lead pipes, or other dangerous chemicals from power plants or businesses. 

Air pollution: Residential communities can be exposed to a variety of toxic air pollutants that are released from dry cleaners, gas stations, small metal plating operations, and landfill sites.

Soil contamination: Contaminated soil is dangerous to human beings when there is direct contact with skin or through inhalation of toxic chemicals that may be in the soil.

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Can I File an Environmental Hazard Lawsuit?

environmental hazard lawsuit

If you believe you or a loved one became sick or injured as a result of exposure to toxic substances in the environment, you should absolutely take legal action. It can often be difficult to determine whether or not an illness is related to exposure, as the impact of environmental hazards tend to impact generations, and can take years to develop. 

That’s why it is important to seek legal guidance as soon as you begin experiencing symptoms or receive a diagnosis. If you know you were exposed to toxic substances in the environment, the next hurdle is making sure you can prove you became sick as a result. Requirements for proving liability vary depending on the type of exposure and what entity is responsible.

Do I Need a Lawyer for My Environmental Hazard Lawsuit?


You should absolutely hire an experienced attorney with a proven track record for success in environmental hazard or toxic exposure claims. As mentioned earlier, these are very complex matters, often involving giant corporations or even entire government organizations. 

When you request a case review from Join the Many, we can help you determine if you may qualify for a settlement and make it easy to gather any records needed to prove your case. Then, we can connect you with the best law firm for your situation that specializes in dangerous environmental hazards cases.

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