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History of Talcum Powder: Uses, Dangers, and Lawsuits

Much of the focus has been on the use of talc in Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder, but the uses of talcum powder go beyond the cosmetics industry. Learning about its beginnings will provide a more educated perspective on this highly contentious mineral to understand talcum powder better.

Who Is Join the Many?

Join the Many is an organization focused on championing the rights of people harmed by products or medications they believed to be safe. Too often, the corporations responsible avoid accountability and their victims are left sick, powerless, and overwhelmed. We intend to level the playing field.

If you’ve been harmed by corporate negligence, Join the Many. We will educate you on your legal rights and connect you to the best legal care for your case so you can claim the benefits you deserve. Our experts will do the hard work for you in and out of the courtroom, handling all the paperwork, record gathering, and litigation.

You are not alone. You have a voice and a champion in this fight. Join the Many is here to partner with you to secure the settlement you’re owed.

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