Financial Resources for Cancer Patients, Survivors and Caregivers

From basic benefit information to workplace support we've compiled a list of financial resources specifically for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers.
Financial Resources for Cancer Patients

Basic Benefit Information

    Need health insurance? Use this database to compare available plans and sign up during open enrollment periods.
  • Medicaid
    Learn more about the Medicaid program, how to qualify, and how to apply.
  • Medicare
    Learn more about the Medicare program, how to qualify, and how to apply.

Community Organizations that Provide Financial Assistance

  • 2-1-1 Services
    Find resources to help with food, housing, health and crisis management in your area.
  • Actors Fund
    Patients in the entertainment industry who are considered disabled can access services and programs to help with coping, estate planning and assistance, case management and more.
  • Allyson Whitney Foundation
    Women aged 16-36 who are receiving treatment for certain types of cancer may qualify for grants between $500-1500.
  • CancerCare
    Women suffering from cancer and who meet other requirements may qualify for financial support to help with child care and transportation.
  • Cleaning for a Reason
    A clean home is a happy, healthy home. If you’re too sick or busy to clean your home, Cleaning for a Reason can help so you can focus on healing.
  • FamilyReach
    Learn how to access financial assistance and community as a young adult/adolescent cancer patient.
  • Healthwell Foundation
    Tap into financial help that can reduce the costs of cancer treatments and other healthcare services.
  • Lazarex Cancer Foundation
    Clinical trials are beacons of hope for cancer patients around the world. Find one that fits your situation and, if you qualify for the trial, Lazarex will cover the costs for you and a loved one to travel for treatment. Income qualifications apply.
  • Mommy and Me Cancer Foundation
    Learn how mothers in cancer treatment who live with their child in Orange County or Los Angeles County may qualify for financial assistance.
  • Nutrition Assistance Programs
    Easy access to nutritional food is critical to your health. Learn about the various government programs that make this possible, including SNAP and WIC.
  • Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation
    If you live and receive ovarian cancer treatment in the U.S., you may qualify for up to $3,700 of co-payment assistance every year. You must be enrolled in Medicare and meet the income requirements.
  • Patient Resource
    Any cancer diagnosis comes with significant medical costs. This list will help you identify organizations that may be able to assist you financially.
  • The Samfund
    Young cancer survivors are underserved when it comes to mental and financial support. The Samfund offers access to community and financial relief for young people affected by cancer.

Information and Support for Drug Co-Pay

  • NeedyMeds
    Having trouble paying for medication or care? Get help with finding a program that can assist you.
  • NiceRx
    Get more affordable access to 1,500+ FDA-approved medications.
  • RxHope
    Get details on free or low-cost drugs used to treat or manage your illness.
  • Americans with Disabilities Act
    Questions about the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)? Get answers and assistance here. You can also call-toll free for more information at 1-800-514-0301.
  • Cancer Legal Resource Center: Disability Rights Legal Center
    Cancer doesn’t just impact your health. Your diagnosis can also have legal implications, especially when it comes to labor rights, insurance, leave, health benefits, and more. Use this hub for education on it all, and use their toll-free phone line to get help: 1-866-THE-CLRC.
  • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
    As a cancer patient, you are considered a protected class in the workplace. Any discrimination you face at work because of your illness is prohibited. Learn more and get resources here.
  • LiveStrong Cancer Navigation Center
    You don’t have to juggle all the financial and insurance issues that come with your cancer diagnosis alone. Use the LiveStrong Cancer Navigation Center for resources and assistance.
  • National Women’s Law Center
    Learn about the National Women’s Law Center’s goal to drive policy changes that positively impact women and protect them from discrimination, including health-related discrimination.
  • Triage Cancer’s Legal Navigation Program
    Dealing with a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. This resource was designed for patients, families, caregivers, and healthcare workers to offer personalized assistance with a variety of cancer-related issues, including finances, estate planning, insurance, work, and more.


  • Fisher House
    When a military member or veteran is receiving care or treatment, their loved ones deserve a safe place to stay. Fisher House offers free lodging across the country, including at military bases and VA centers.
  • Healthcare Hospitality Network
    Traveling for care or treatment? Find programs and services that offer assistance with lodging across the U.S. for cancer patients and their families.
  • Joe’s House
    Access a list of hotels and other facilities offering lodging for cancer patients receiving treatment in the U.S.
  • Ronald McDonald House
    Find long and short-term housing for pediatric cancer patients (usually below 18 years old) and families to stay in during treatment.

Organization Checklists, Guides and Resources

  • Cancer Insurance Checklist
    Finding it difficult to keep all your insurance information in order? Use this online checklist to organize costs, visits and services. You can also use it to compare plans offered through the federal Marketplace.
  • Triage Cancer Guides and Checklist
    Access simple, practical worksheets and education on finances as it relates to your health, dealing with insurance, and navigating work while ill. Resources are also available in Spanish.

Pharmaceutical Patient Access Programs

Scholarships and School Resources

  • Finaid
    Cancer and its effects can have far-reaching financial effects on patients and families alike. Check out this list of scholarships for those affected by cancer, including patients, survivors, and children of cancer patients.
  • The Samfund
    Find out how cancer survivors between 21-39 may qualify for financial help and grad school scholarships, plus access online support.
  • The National Collegiate Cancer Foundation
    If you’re between 18 and 35 and were diagnosed with cancer, or you have a parent who died from cancer, this need-based foundation may be able to help you financially.
  • Support for College Students with Cancer
    A cancer diagnosis doesn’t have to put your future on hold. Access details on accommodations available to you, apply for scholarships, and get tips for managing a busy student life while dealing with illness.
  • Ulman Fund for Cancer
    This scholarship offers financial relief for patients, survivors, and family members between 15-29 years old.


  • Air Care Alliance
    Get in touch with volunteer flying groups who are ensuring cancer patients have access to medical transportation.
  • Angel Flight Soars
    Cancer patients in the southeastern United States can access free air travel to treatment far from home.
  • Corporate Angel Network
    If you need to travel far for cancer treatment, get help finding and booking a free flight on a corporate jet.
  • DAV Veterans Benefit
    Veterans who need help finding and accessing benefits related to finances, employment, disability, medical care, transportation, and more can find assistance here.
  • Mercy Medical Angels
    Get help with certain expenses related to qualifying travel for cancer treatment. Benefits include gas cards and assistance with train or bus fare.

Workplace Support

  • Cancer and Careers
    Navigating the workplace as a cancer patient can be tricky. Learn about your legal and financial rights at work, including FMLA details and career support.
  • We Are Capable
    Illness and disability present plenty of challenges, but they don’t have to define you. We Are Capable offers support and guidance to those navigating the hiring process as an individual with chronic illness and/or pain.

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