Paragard Lawsuits

Paragard is a type of pregnancy prevention device that requires insertion into the body. Many women who have used it have experienced complications during removal, often leading to health risks. As a result, many women have sought lawsuits against Paragard IUD for the health complications and medical costs they’ve incurred.

What Is the Paragard IUD?

Paragard intrauterine device (IUD) is a T-shaped device placed within the uterus. It is a type of birth control that uses a copper material to help minimize the risk of pregnancy. It is considered an alternative to hormone therapy, and for many women, it works well to prevent pregnancy.

Paragard was first approved for use in the U.S. by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1984. The device is placed by a physician into the uterus using an in-office procedure that does not require surgery. It can remain there for up to 10 years. Having been on the market for decades and used by millions of people, Paragard may seem safe. However, for many women, that is not the case.

To be clear, Paragard IUD continues to be sold and used in the U.S. It has not been recalled by the FDA. However, there are many pending lawsuits against the manufacturer for a flawed design. If you were one of the many women who suffered complications from the use of this device, we highly recommend speaking to an attorney about your experience.

How Does It Work?

Intrauterine contraception, including the use of copper T intrauterine devices like those manufactured and sold as Paragard, work without the use of hormones. The device is positioned into the uterus and prevents pregnancy, according to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC states that these methods have a failure rate of 0.8%.

According to the Mayo Clinic, these devices contain a copper wire that is wrapped around the exterior of a T-shaped plastic frame. The copper that is present works to create an inflammatory reaction within the body. As a result of that reaction, it is less likely that a woman will get pregnant. That is because the copper reaction is toxic to sperm and eggs. That leads to damage that prevents pregnancy from occurring. Paragard is the only IUD like this that is available in the United States.

There are some risks associated with the use of these devices. That includes bleeding between periods, severe menstrual pain, heavy bleeding, and cramping. In some situations, it is possible for the Paragard IUD to be expelled by the uterus. This may occur for many reasons and may be more common in those who have never been pregnant or who have prolonged periods.

These are some of the known risks associated with Paragard. Keep in mind that many women filing lawsuits against Paragard manufacturers are not refuting these risks. Rather, they state that the complications they suffered were not explained or expected, and they did not receive a warning. They also claim that the device broke during the process of removal, causing the complications they often have months later.

Research and Development of Problems

Many women, since the beginning of the use of Paragard, have reported complications with the device. The complications range widely.

The most common complications involve difficulty when the device is removed, which typically must be removed after 10 years of use or sooner, according to FDA data. The company’s product is supposed to be very easy to remove, requiring just a folding up of the arms on the t-shaped device and then sliding out. It is supposed to require only a few minutes in a doctor’s office to complete without pain or discomfort.

However, for many women, this does not occur, and complications result. Many women have reported that the device breaks when the doctor is trying to extract it, and that leads to pieces of the IUD being left behind in the body or complications from perforations. Women filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer, Cooper Surgical and Teva Pharmaceuticals claim that they did not receive any warning that the device could break or cause significant difficulty upon removal.

Common Complications 

Many women reported complications related to their use of Paragard. This includes:

  • Perforation of the uterus or cervix during insertion or removal
  • IUD migration from where it is supposed to be to other areas in the pelvic region
  • Inflammation and allergic reactions to the IUD components that remain in the body after removal
  • Infertility due to the complications of removal
  • IUD pieces lodged in nearby organs that cause damage to those organs
  • Infections from missing pieces
  • Chronic and severe pain
  • Need for complicated surgeries, including hysterectomies, laparotomy, or laparoscopy, in order to remove the device
  • Inability to remove broken components from the body creating concerns about long-term indications

These individuals have suffered a significant amount of loss due to the use of Paragard IUD. If you suffered any of these complications we can connect you with compassionate legal experts who want to hear your story and hold drug makers accountable on your behalf.

What Lawsuits Are Pending Against Paragard?

Individuals who have suffered an injury due to Paragard have sought legal action for a number of reasons. This includes:

  • Defective product design claims that resulted in product liability
  • Failure to warn about the product due to the company’s failure to alert people to the risk that the device could break and create complications
  • Negligence

If you believe that the manufacturer put you at risk and did not warn you of those risks, you may have a claim as well. Join the Many to get information and guidance on your legal rights. 

Legal Updates

Throughout the history of the device, many women have sought legal action against the manufacturers. As a result of the numerous claims filed against the company, a Multidistrict Litigation panel was created in December 2020. Known as MDL 2974, it is based in the Northern District of Georgia. An MDL occurs when numerous claims are made against a company that has a similar claim. Instead of each individual court hearing those claims, they are pooled together to allow a single judge to decide on them.

Judge Leigh Martin May is the judge that is overseeing the claims made against the manufacturers of Paragard IUD.

The legal process is still underway, and there is a great deal of additional work to be done before these cases will be heard in true trial format. Many of the stories involving these women are complex and proper discovery is needed.

To be clear, there have not been any cases that have gone to trial as of yet, but there is an expectation that this could happen in the coming year. Additionally, the companies have not published any type of settlement in these claims. This, too, could change over time.

Will Paragard Become a Class Action Lawsuit?

It is unlikely that the claims against Paragard will lead to a class action lawsuit. This is not common in cases of medical device product liability. Because each of these cases carries significant differences from the other, they are more likely to be sought individually in courts throughout the U.S. The MDL creation is a sign that there are many people who are struggling with these complications and that many others may come forward.

Keep in mind that it is still possible to bring a case against Paragard’s manufacturers if you were harmed. Remember: The simple act of seeking information can make a huge difference in the lives of others if the company is held accountable for their actions.

Has Paragard Been Recalled?

There have been no recalls issued for Paragard regarding these health complications. That does not mean that there will not be any in the future. However, the FDA is not reporting any plans to recall this product.

That is one of the reasons why it is so important for you to take action if you were harmed by Paragard IUD. Your actions may help other people to learn of these risks and come forward with their own stories. When more people Join the Many, even the largest corporations can’t ignore us. 

Has There Been a Settlement in Paragard Lawsuits?

There have not been any noted settlements regarding Paragard IUD products. The MDL is still in its initial finding periods, and that could mean it takes much longer to get any insight into what could come. Keep in mind that the company does not have to announce settlement amounts it makes should it take action to stop any of the pending lawsuits from advancing. In other words, we may not know about any settlements that could have occurred.

It is expected that there will be settlements in these cases should the lawsuits move forward. The first trial cases are likely to be heard within the next year. These initial cases tend to be a tool to help with setting the groundwork for what is to come. It will be interesting to see what may occur over time.

What You Can Do About Paragard Complications

If you are suffering from complications related to a removal procedure or another failure of the Paragard device, we highly recommend that you reach out to an attorney to learn about your options.

Paragard IUD lawsuits are underway, and you could be a part of that process. It can be hard to know if you are at risk, especially if you are unsure if your complications were related to the removal of the device. However, Join the Many can help you.

If we find that you have probable cause for a lawsuit, we will personally connect you with legal experts who are already working with victims on this case. That way, you can learn what your options and rights are and see how the justice system can work in your favor. 

You may wish to pursue this action if you have the following:

  • Suffered financial complications due to having a procedure that failed, such as medical bills
  • You have suffered chronic or severe pain as a result of the product’s failure
  • You did not know there were risks during the removal process before heading into treatment
  • You suffered infertility due to the removal of the device
  • Infections and inflammation have caused health complications for you due to the lodged or lost IUD
  • You had to take time off work due to hospitalization or recovery after this device removal or other complications

You may be able to seek financial compensation for these losses. Join the Many is happy to help you determine if this is an option in your situation.

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